The Stone Center of the West Since 1949


Colorado Stone Company has been serving the needs of the stone industry for over 60 years. We are proud of the many thousands of jobs we have supplied over these years, not only locally, but also from coast to coast. When Walt Disney World in Florida and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were looking for stone they chose us. Locally we have recently completed jobs including the Civic Center, Parker Town Hall, Aurora Town Center, Pearl Street Mall, and many others. Homes, businesses, government and private institutions use Colorado Stone as their supplier for stone wall veneer, paving, counter tops, signage, and other special applications. No job is too big or too small.

Since 1949, Colorado Stone has expanded its product line from the local “Rose” and “Buff” sandstone, into a myriad of stones that include limestone, slate, soapstone, marble and granite among others. We continue to bring in new stone from other quarries across the country, as well as marble and granite from around the world. One of our goals is to provide the customer with the convenience of “one-stop” shopping for all of their stone needs – inside and out – from wall veneer and flooring, to exquisite granite countertops. Colorado Stone is one of the few companies that offer such variety!

In addition to offering a vast product selection, we take pride in our exceptional fabricating abilities. Our many years of experience have given us the reputation of being the best – from the high polish on the edge of a granite kitchen counter top, to the perfect fit of sandstone panels on the corner of a building. We are the experts. We know how to fabricate stone. We have the knowledge to accomplish what others cannot.

We want to make the decision of using stone easy and comfortable. We accomplish this by having a staff with many years of combined experience, who can answer all your questions , from the beginning of the project to the placement of the final stone. Samples, specifications, test data, budgets, design work, shop drawings, job visits, etc. – we are here to assist in every way! COLORADO STONE COMPANY is YOUR stone company! “The Stone Center of the West” – the source for all of your stone needs. Stop by or give us a call. We’ll be here for you as we have been for over 60 years!